Top Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android and iOS

Cloud storage has become quite popular with many people using it for storing data on them.  There are many cloud storage apps in the market which are quite exceptional in their own way.  Cloud storage is being used by many people for storing important data.  There are many cloud storage apps for android that are mostly used by the users to store medium to large amounts of data.  Since its arrival, it has become the major source of storage.  We are here today with best cloud storage apps for Android.  Give a glance!

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive is one of the best cloud storages for android.  Amazon Prime users can make best use of Amazon Cloud Drive.  Amazon Prime users will get free storage of 5GB along with unlimited backup for photos and videos.  By paying $60 per year user can get unlimited storage.  Non-Amazon Prime users can also utilize the 5GB of storage and unlimited photo backup at $12 per year.


OneDrive is yet another cloud storage app for android.  It is a free online storage app introduced by Microsoft.  It works great for Microsoft products like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  It provides automatic backup of photos and videos.  Users can easily share their content.  OneDrive works wonders with android wear like smartwatch to display the pictures.

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